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Before I get into it I want to say that Kinobody is NOT a program, it is a brand that offers different programs to specific people according to their goals.

That is why they made a tool called the Kinobody Survey. After answering the questions in the Kinobody Survey you will be sent to the #1 recommended program based on your answers. The Kinobody programs are for men, women, and for people at any age.

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The Kinobody Program I’m Following:


My Results in Only 3-4 Months!

Today I am 16 years old and have been into Kinobody’s Muscle Building program for about 3-4 months. I went from 63 kg/139 lbs to 67 kg/147 lbs in only that period of time! Keep in mind that 0.9 kg/2 lbs is the MAX MUSCLE MASS a human being can gain in 4 weeks. If you gain more than that in 4 weeks, chances are that you are either on steroids or that extra weight you gained, is FAT.

What I like about Kinobody training is that is so enjoyable because you only train 3 times a week, you only do 4 exercises in your sessions, and you are able to eat like a king using intermittent fasting in a very strategic way. This may sound too good to be true, but trust me, the Kinobody lifestyle has changed my life in a very positive way, and it can change yours too!

Before & After Pictures (2014-2016):



What to do next? 

Check out the Kinobody Survey by clicking the yellow button down below and figure out what your fitness goal is. At the end of the survey you will be sent to a link to the #1 recommended program based on your answers. You will also have to put your email in the survey to reveal which program is best for you. The survey will only take a minute to complete as it only requires 5 simple steps, enjoy the journey!


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You can also go to his website to find more about the Kinobody lifestyle, or you can continue reading below for more information.



More Information about The Kinobody Programs…


  • You only train 3 days a week.
  • You only do about 4-5 exercises in a workout.
  • You notice results in your body and strength early (Maybe 4-6 weeks, depending on the individual).
  • The programs are very “complete”. Everything you need to know are written in the programs.
  • You are allowed to join his private Facebook groups once you buy one of his programs.
  • You will learn to eat in a very enjoyable way that has benefits for fat loss AND your health as well (meaning that you can live longer, etc).
  • His programs contain many fat loss and muscle building strategies that other programs don’t have.
  • Greg’s programs are based on science



  • The workouts are intense!
  • You have to be consistent and disciplined in order to get the results you want.
  • You have to apply the Intermittent Fasting Protocol (Kinobody Style) to your life, although is not completely necessary. But when you get use to it, dieting becomes extremely easy.


Why are the Kinobody programs so special?

His programs are unique, almost everything he recommends on his programs are against many bodybuilding courses like:

      • Training 5-6 times a week (which is overtraining).
      • Performing long sessions at the gym.
      • Consuming unnecessary supplements.
      • Eating 5-6 small meals a day (which is not satisfying when you diet)



Introducing The Kinobody Lifestyle to People that Wants to Lose Weight

Have you ever tried these crazy low carbs, low fat, or low calorie diets? Are you seeing any results? Well at the beginning you will, but I promise when you start eating normal again you will gain the weight back! Not only that, your metabolism and hormones are going to be damaged.

This is because you are not eating carbs and/or fats and you are eating a very small amount of food (calories). When you eat in a huge caloric deficit, your metabolism gets used to burning small amounts of foods.

This means that when you stop doing these crazy diets, your metabolism is not going to be able to burn as much food as it did before. Which is definitely not healthy for your body.

The Kinobody Lifestyle is a much healthier way to lose fat and build muscle. Greg O’ Gallagher, the founder of Kinobody teaches the most enjoyable and strategic way to lose fat and build muscle.

In his programs, he uses many different strategies that makes dieting A LOT more enjoyable, including intermittent fasting. The program also includes a 3 day split workout plan and a presence bonus that will put you in the right mindset for achieving your goals.

The program is structured in a way that will make you experience quick results with no negative effects at all. It will teach you exactly how to set your calories and macronutrient intake for MAXIMUM fat loss and MINIMUM muscle loss. You will stop spending hours doing cardio, you will never feel hunger again, and you will be able to eat delicious foods.


Introducing The Kinobody Lifestyle to People that Wants to Build Muscle

Greg O' Gallagher

Greg O’ Gallagher (Founder of Kinobody)

The Kinobody lifestyle is about enjoying the progress while becoming strong and staying lean. Greg O’ Gallagher, the founder of Kinobody teaches the best way to build muscle mass by only training 3 times a week, doing 4-5 exercises per session and eating like a king with his intermittent fasting strategy.

One important advice that people have to keep in mind is that if you are enjoying the progress you will succeed, if you are not, chances are you will give up anytime in the progress.

In the Kinobody Lifestyle, you will always focus on getting stronger. In order to get big, you have to get stronger! Stop chasing the pump doing too many isolated exercises, and start doing compound exercises instead. Greg’s programs focus on building the perfect physique by getting stronger on key exercises.

If your incline bench press stats go from 50 kg to 80 kg, your chest will grow! If your weighted chin ups stats go from 0 kg to 30 kg, your back will grow! If your standing press stats go from 30 kg to 60 kg, your shoulders will grow! So start lifting heavy if you want to have a powerful looking physique.

Now, the reason you will only train 3 days a week and only do 4-5 exercises is because you need to give your body enough time to GROW and RECOVER. Plus, in each and every session the main focus is going to be to increase the weight by 1 kg on your key exercises. Just imagine how much you will be able to lift in 6 months if you start adding 1 kg to your exercises each session!


Transformations! (Click on Picture to Read Their Stories)




What to do next? 

If you are not ready to buy anything yet you can still go to his website to find more about Kinobody, or you can click the button below to do the Kinobody Survey.


Start Your Kinobody Journey Here!



  1. Josip

    Thank you for this article, Antonio.

    I’m glad that you personally tried out this program and that it worked for you. Summer is coming and I have to get in shape. I will try to stick with this programme and I hope you will be here to give me some guidelines if I have any questions.

    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      Sure, just send me a message on the contact us page.

  2. Ben


    This look great, there are a lot of phony workout plans out there but this one looks effective.

    I like the fact that you only 3 times a weeks, this gives a lot of time for recovery which is very important in building muscles and getting healthier, some plans over work people to an unhealthy extent.

  3. Heather Grace

    Those transformation pictures are truly amazing! I like that this program doesn’t involve some crazy diet. We all know those don’t work. What type of support do you get when you sign up for this program? Is it just the Facebook page or is there a message board of some type? Sounds very convincing that this a great program!

    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      You can contact them by email or you can ask questions on the private facebook group, they are very supportive there. Oh and there is actually a forum they have for people that have bought from Kinobody, but you will get enough help on the facebook group.

  4. Marco

    Wow, this page is very informative about the program that i will be in and put my money on. I like the layout of the page but i will sugest for you to put the video a little smaller. All the other subject are perfect.
    One small advice about the website in general….full it with good content and internal links. Good Work!

    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      Thanks for the advice Marco, and I’m glad you liked Kinobody.

  5. NicheME

    Hey that looks like a great product for people who would be interested in ketogenic lifestyle and body transformation. I am currently following a high fat low carb diet and trying to get my body used to burning fat for fuel. What are the difference between this program and others Ketogenic diets out there?

    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      Hey there,

      I wouldn’t recommend following low carb/fat diets. They will mess up your hormones and metabolism. Kinobody is all about enjoying the progress, as long as you are hitting your calories and macros you will be fine (there is a lot more information about this on the programs).

      Here is a link for more information about the fat loss program where I mention a little about low fat and low carb diets.

      I hope this helps and saves your time.

  6. Matthew

    The program sounds very good but there’s a few things that make it look a bit suspicious to me. You mentioned that you gained 4 kg during 3-4 months on this program. How much of this is from fat and how much from muscle?

    You are also a teen which means you might be making more weight gains than adults since you are still growing up.

    And how come your before picture is from 2014 and after photo from 2016 if you have been only 3-4 months on the program? I also can’t be sure if the before and after photos are taken of the same person since the before photo is blurry and the after photo has no face showing.

    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      Hey Matthew,

      0.9 kg is the max muscle mass you can gain in a month. I gained around 4 kg in around 4 months. Most of the weight was muscle mass and some of it was bone growth and general growth of my body since I am a teenager (we grow fast). Oh yeah, my before picture is from 2014, and after was from 2016, but the 4 kg was gained on the 4 months (I have now been in the program 5 months).

      The pictures are from the same person (I don’t like showing my face when taking shirtless selfies, it’s awkward lol). I can send you other pictures though if you don’t trust me, do you need more pictures or do you trust me now?

      1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli
  7. Browdy

    Your site looks awesome, your content is nice and clean.

    My only suggestions are to install the “Smush” plugin or another one of the image optimization plugins that offer daily auto and upload optimization.

    This will make a significant load time difference considering you have so many large image files.

    Also, you have a “Not Found” error when navigating to Store page


    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      Hey Browdy,

      The store page is on maintenance, it will be up soon. Oh, and thanks for your advice on the plugin, I will try it out.

  8. Derek Marshall

    Hi there,

    This actually looks awesome. Perhaps finally I have found something that will/can work for me. Thanks for the survey button, helped me find which one of the programs are best suited for me (warrior shredding program) which I can’t wait to try.

    Unfortunately due to a very serious permanent knee injury I really do need to contact the product owner to see if it is suitable for me (I’m on their mailing list and will shoot them a reply).

    Out of interest which programs have you personally tried? and how did you find them?

    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      Hey Derek, I found them on YouTube. I’m currently on the Greek God program, and I have been there for about 5 months now and the results are great. If you are interested, check out my about me page to see my story.

  9. Matt's Mom

    This is a great post and it looks like a really good program. I will do the survey and see what the cost is for this work out regimen. Cost will be the only factor for me. Do they give a diet to follow as well? I know you mentions fasting. You did a very good job of reviewing the Kinobody program. Especially since you have been doing the program yourself and have the before and after pictures! Thank you so much for sharing and I am glad I found this site!

    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      Yes, they give you a diet too. The diet is actually one of the most important parts on the program.

  10. J-Money

    I love reading about new workout stuff I am a big fan of fitness and I always love to read this articles.

    Greg O’gallgher is quite a big guy for only working out “3 times a week.” I would be interested to try his methods myself just to see how well it works.

    I really was intrigued by this article. Some of his videos are really interesting to watch and I cant watching now.

    It would be great to get a “greek body” and Its awesome that you saw results in 3 months.

    I liked how you addressed the positives and said that there is only 4-5 exercises and that it is only 3 times a week.

  11. Ray

    Hi Antonio, thanks for the great review, Kinobody program looks great to me.

    I’m 51 years old, there’s no way my body can look like these guys in your site but I still love working out and build my muscles, I just need to get rid of excess fat. I just looked at the program via the link and received good tips by email. Kinobody is for any age, and looks like something I can do too, although it’s so intense, as you say.

    I just wonder what happens if you train more than 3 times a week and eat small portions of meal. Will that give an adverse effect against Kinobody method?


    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      Hey Ray,

      Don’t do it, life is too short. Enjoy life while progressing.

      If you train more often, you are not giving your body time to grow.

  12. wesley

    The transformation pictures is fantastic. I am glad that you have personally tried the program and it works for you. 3 days a week of training is reasonable and it does not take up much of our time. I like the part that we do not need to control our diet and there is no need to take any supplements. Kinobody sounds convincing.

  13. Alyssa

    Hi Antonio,
    What they say about a picture being worth a thousand words is true! After seeing your before and during pictures it looks like Kinobody is an effective program. Plus I like the part about being able to “eat like a king”. Do you have any before and after pictures of women who participated in one of the Kinobody programs?

    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      Hey Alyssa, check out the transformation page here to find out. I have seen some, there sure are… 😉

  14. Henry

    Hello Antonio,

    Thanks for your recommendations. It seems legit as far as advertising goes. I like the idea right off the bat since personally I am anti-supplement guy – I don’t use any of these fitness substances because they’re simply second best thing next to real meal if you seriously don’t have any time to prepare your own food. In my opinion, as any expert can tell, other than that they’re just an expensive way to get exact same result a ka waste your money along the way.. and hey, I’m not exactly complaining about not consuming unnecessary supplements & ripping up three times of my own bodyweight. So, anyone who wonders if it can be done, yes it can.

    The thing I’d be extra careful with is using your results as an example here. It’s a big double edged sword. Why? One thing that teenagers do the most – they grow grow grow.
    With point on diet & exercise full grown adult can expect to gain 4 lbs/1,8kg to 6 lbs/2,7kg muscle per year. Some very few genetically gifted individuals could pull 8lbs/3,6kg max. It’s already scientifically proven.
    In your example it’s 4-5 times of that amount. Teenager can do that, as they grow in height & weight, no problem… but if adult gains that amount of muscle, it would be already steroid gain – Human body has its limits to build muscle, plain & simple.
    Although lazy people would looooove to hear you say anything that involves skipping hard work.

    I like the fact Kinobody training involves 3 training sessions per week. That’s very realistic. And again, above 4 times per week training means involving steroids as otherwise human body won’t be able to recover so quickly…or those who think it can, needs to get on roids very quickly OR seek professional psychiatric help since it doesn’t work other way around. Those who won’t admit it eventually see their bodies wear out & burn.

    I hope my honesty isn’t too much. Anyone who’s been around for a while knows that fitness industry is bulging with scam artists that are all after your money. Especially vulnerable are inexperienced users that are first ones to be abused.
    I like the way you point out Kinobody is very personalized & goes against many bodybuilder courses in their program. Not pointing any fingers, but a lot of these bb programs are true garbage indeed. I also recommend everyone to never ask advice from a bodybuilder – You’ll get your body broken quickly.
    I give thumbs to Kinobody for the content they deliver. It seems to be point on, worth your time & money.
    Thanks again for sharing, even sceptic like me thinks Kinobody is a good way to go.


    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      Wow Henry, thanks for the great comment! I agree with you on the teenager growing part. It’s true, we grow very fast. However, I didn’t know 3.7 kg in a year for an adult was max, that really impressed me and not really sure it’s true but thanks for the comment anyways. I was taught 0.9 kg was the max muscle a normal person could gain in a month, 3.7 kg seems too little, but thanks anyways. I will be doing more research about it and see if it’s true.

  15. Michel

    Great to see that this program worked so well for you. It is nice to read a review where the person writing the review has actually tried the product.

    You talk about fasting. How long does the fasting part last? That must take a lot of will power for a lot of people. Seeing how good you look though will certainly motivate them to try.

    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      Hey Michel,

      At the beginning it will take some willpower, but trust me you will get used to it, and when you do, diet is going to be very enjoyable since you are eating big meals everyday. Also, fasting can be done easy with different strategies like drinking black coffee, sparkling water etc. (more great strategies on the programs). Just fast for about 4-8 hours after rising and you will be fine, don’t worry about eating windows it will just stress you out.

  16. Dorina

    I never thought about it, but I think if you try to do that, you can and to succeed, I think many people want to improve their physical appearance, to have more power, get rid of excess fat so that the muscles to show a healthy way.Interesting!

  17. Gary

    At last! A program based on Science. I think the cons you mentioned are unavoidable. the workouts I am doing are intense and Science proves that this is most effective at weight loss. Doing it for shorter periods of time, intense and fewer times a week are proven to work better. It’s also great you get a supportive community through his Facebook group. Great review.

  18. Bartholomew

    Awesome man. this Kinobody sure looks good. Maybe ill try them sometime around! Site looks good too. Btw how long did it really take you to fully transform? I’ve seen alot of reviews but I want to hear it from you myself. Thanks in advance! this page is very informative about the program too. Ill be sure to put my money on it sometime soon.

    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      Check my about me page for the full story 🙂

  19. Dancinscot

    I can see that the designer of this program has incorporated some important points for people to follow. Recovery time, high intensity, and intermittent fasting are crucial.
    There will always be folks who have to approach new workouts, or fasting with caution.
    I see this as helpful to the younger crowd. I think that over 50 or over 60 peeps would need some stress testing, some classes with a personal trainer to get started, and a very gradual approach to fasting.
    Yet it looks like one of the better programs around.
    Good introduction to it!

  20. Travis Smithers

    It sounds like this program has a better handle on what is required compared to some of the others thinking one system fits all.

    From the information you have mentioned it all makes perfect sense with not over exercising and to take into account about your eating.

    You say three days to exercise so are aerobic part of the workout those three days or would you do them in between the three days you mentioned?

    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      We don’t do aerobics, but I would personally do them on rest days if I were you.

  21. Matt

    Antonio, great review on this program! I am definitely interested in finding a new training program, I do have one question though, does this program require any equipment or a gym? or what do I need to get started with this program, I am looking for one I can do at home, like P90X. Let me know, thanks!

    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      Hey Matt,

      If you want a program you can do at home, then I will suggest you to try the bodyweight mastery. This is the Kinobody program made for people that don’t have access to a gym. Check out my review on it here! 🙂

  22. Wing


    Glad to see the results you’ve gotten with this program. I think putting yourself out there and showing the world is a really good testimony to the product.

    Just one question: I know Greg talks about intermittent fasting in this. Does he encourage any specific food groups on particular or any groups we should stay away from?

    1. Antonio (Post author)

      Hey Wing,

      I don’t think there are foods you should stay away from. As long as you are hitting your calories and macros right, and you are consistently progressing in your workouts, you will be fine.

  23. Amberlee

    Thank you for sharing and what a great program that both my husband and I can use. You see, my husband wants to gain muscle, and I want to lose weight, and thanks to you I now understand that I can starve myself to get to the weight I want. So I am going to take your advice, use this program to build muscle and let that burn off the fat!

  24. Brandon

    I like the wide range of information you provide on this site, its very informing and makes me want to start this workout program. I also like your recommendations specifically the carp barbell power cage I have one and love it. Your review is honest, and shows how well priced this product really is. Overall love the website

  25. Derek Marshall

    Hi There,

    Very interesting set of programs and backed up by real photographs of students before and after programs. I am a little concerned about fasting, which is actually great for detox purposes but during the fasting phase is our body getting enough of the nutritional (vitamins/minerals) content that it needs?

    how long do the fasting periods last?

    1. Antonio (Post author)

      Let it last for about 4 – 6 hours after waking up, But don’t let it control your life. Fasting is a tool we like to use so we can enjoy the progress more as you can have bigger meals and get full for a longer time.

      Besides fasting being enjoyable, it also has tons of benefits, and you should not worry about vitamins and minerals as long as you are getting them in your eating window.

  26. Efi

    Great information.
    You helped me to batter understand what I need to do next in my workouts.
    In the past 3 months I started to working out at the Jim, but without proper diet. I seeing results, but the fat is refusing to disappear.
    I will defentally will try this product.

  27. Heathguy33

    Great program I will defiantly have to look into this and give it a go. I first want to check with my doctor to see if it’s safe for me. As I have a lot of health conditions. But I like how you explained this piece by piece. The testomainls is what inspired me the most though. I love it seeing people’s lives change for the better.

    Thank you I will be back to let you know what my doctor says. I will be purchasing if I’m cleared for it. For sure.

  28. Andreas S

    Wow, these programs look great. All those pictures of guys before and after is really encouraging. I’ll take the survey and find out which one that would fit me the most.

    Very tempting to start something… I’m worried about my time and schedule and that I’m going to quit, even if it’only 3 times a week.

    I will check out the survey and bookmark your page. This is interesting.


  29. Emma

    as an advocate of healthy lifestyle changes instead of diet starvation, I applaud your site. There is no hidden message here, with unrealistic goals. If you eat the right food and work out you’ll achieve a fitter healthier you that you are happy with. I like your before and after images showing that your method is proven. Congratulations on a great website

    1. Antonio (Post author)

      Thanks Emma, really appreciate it 🙂

  30. Sharon May

    Pretty cool, I was always at the gym everyday for 2 hours at a time, and then I had babies and never went back, that was 24 years ago. Even so, and to my sons amazement and mine, you can still see muscle toned areas particularly my back and legs. My gym fanaticism in my youngers days helped me through all my pregnancies and helped me keep a good body shape even to this day. I am actually considering going back because gym work is so beneficial. I’m passing your site to my son, he’ll definitely be interested in looking at your program.

    1. Antonio (Post author)

      That’s great! Let me know what he thinks about it 🙂

  31. Marcus

    Crikey! I was watching that video when I saw someone doing a one-armed pressup. Then I was even more shocked to see him do a one-armed chin-up! I struggle to do normal two-armed chin-ups, never mind only using one arm! So there must really be something in this Kinobody program.

    And only doing 4-5 exercises per working, 3 days a week? Surely this can’t be for real, right?

    1. Antonio (Post author)

      Yeah, there are sure only 4-5 exercises per workout and only 3 days per week. But when you train, you train. It is serious training and heavy lifting.

  32. Ian

    Any system that motivates you to complete training on a regular basis is a good one! The weights programme here sounds a bit like the 3×5 livestrong system and the fasting the 5:2 fasting – it would be interesting to compare! Still, it is about completing it and 3 sessions a week sounds very enticing!


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