6 of The Best Ab Exercises

You are not going to get abs by only performing exercises. If you don’t have your nutrition plan dialed in, chances are that you are not going to achieve defined good looking abs.

So remember, get nutrition dialed in first, and then start doing the 6 of the best ab exercises that I’m going to show you below. If you need a nutrition plan? Check out my posts: How many calories should I eat in a day? and How much protein should I eat to lose weight?




Lower Abs & V-shape

Training lower abs is great if you want to get the last 2 packs at the bottom of your stomach. Performing lower ab exercises will also make you build a V-shaped look at the bottom side of your stomach, this shape is what makes the abs look great. Here are some lower ab exercises you can perform.

Exercise #1 Hanging Knee Raises



Exercise #2 Leg Spread Raises



Transverse Abdominal

The transverse abdominals are the most important muscle of the abs. They support your spine and keeps your core strong. It is very common that gymnasts have very strong transverse abdominal, this is because they consistently perform moves where the abs are involved. That’s why you see their abs looks spectacular. Check out these transverse abdominal exercises.

Exercise #3 Ab Wheel Rollouts from Knees/Standing

Exercise #4 TRX Body Saw




If you want your abs to look good, then you need to start performing some planks. Planks will teach you how to contract the abs without having to bend forward like you are doing a crunch. You can also perform variations like “plank with legs on stability ball”. This one is a more advanced version of the plank you can do if you think doing planks is too easy.

Exercise #5 Normal Plank


Exercise #6 Plank with Legs on Stability



How I Perform the Exercises (sets, etc)

  • Pick 1 exercise on each list.
  • Pick 3 exercises in total, and perform them 2-3 times a week.
  • Do 4 sets on your first exercise and 2 sets on your 2 other exercises.
  • Perform around 5 – 20 reps (depending on the exercise)


Looking for a program to follow? Check out my #1 recommended program here!



  1. Boyo

    I’m on a mission this year to be able to see my abs. I have never seen them and I’m a few months off turning 40 and so time is against me!
    The exercises you have here are great albeit very tough – particularly the hanging leg raises! Oh boy, I was seriously sore after them for about three days. Is this normal?
    I’m also struggling with my diet. I know chocolate and beer are probably a big NO, but it’s difficult to abstain totally. Have you any simple tips that will help me control my appetite?
    Many thanks

    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      Hey Boyo, Check out my #1 recommendation. Great program for your situation… 😉

      Here are two tips: as long as you are on a caloric deficit consistently you will lose fat and your abs will be more defined (the fat is covering your abs). There is a ton of information about this on the program; how to eat in a caloric deficit in the most enjoyable way possible, training, etc.

      And yes that’s totally normal man.

  2. Travis Smithers

    You have the right idea about proper nutrition at all times, and your six best ab exercises are going to give you a serious workout.

    Some of them I am familiar with and others I have not seen before, but I can tell just by the way they look they would work. The TRX body saw seems like it would be harder to do just like the plank on the stability ball but will most likely give great results.

    Again, another excellent post for getting and staying in shape.

  3. Daniella

    Hi Antonio,

    Very helpful post!
    After two births, I don’t deny that my stomach needs some muscles:)
    I like the way you explained how to apply the exercises, it is very easy to understand, which makes me want to try right away!
    I would like to know after how long time I will see the differences?

    1. Antonio (Post author)

      Hey Daniella, it really depends on you and your nutrition plan. As long as you are hitting your calories and macros you are going to be fine (more about that here). Also, to really see some great results you should train your whole body. Feel free to check out my other posts where I show you some workouts and nutrition plan.

  4. Dawn

    This is a really easy to follow post with some great simple tips to help tone those abs.

    Since having a baby i’ve come to realise just how important those core muscles are and would definitely benefit from some of your recommendations.

    I love the addition of the video at the end which just goes to show that most of theses exercises can be done in the comfort of your own home.

  5. Lucy Emmanuel

    Of all the six exersice intruments, the 3rd is the best for me because it strengthen my hands,back, stomach and my behinds i like exercising with wheelroll, its fun to use it and it feels like a person who does swimming from the muscles effects some ones gets from it.
    You also dont need a big constraction of alot of materials to be hanged on in the room. The wheelroll is pottable it can feet in the wardrobe shelf and in the bag when you are on the way, you can take it out when you need it for training..i would like to try other too .congratulation on your page it gives more understanding to people in howhow to exersice by using all the six explained instruments, keep it up and all the best on your online businesses.

  6. Shawna PT, MPT

    What a great post. I wish more individuals would realize all the benefits of having a stabile/strong core. From improved posture, easier breathing, and efficient digestion to supporting the back, strong core is a great asset. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and advice. I will visit again!


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