Can I Reduce My Body Fat Percentage?

Yes, of course you can reduce your body fat percentage. However, in this post, I am going to reveal to you the safest, most enjoyable, and fastest way you can reduce body fat percentage.

Before you start doing anything, you need to find out what your goal is: Do you want to focus on building muscle? Or do you want to focus on losing body fat? Both things are possible at the same time but if you want fast results, you should focus on one thing at the time.


What is Body Fat Percentage?

You will need to know what your body fat percentage is to know what your goal is.

If you already know approximately what your body fat percentage is, skip this part of the post and read the ALTERNATIVES below.

What is body fat percentage? According to an article on WikipediaThe body fat percentage of a human or other living being is the total mass of fat divided by total body mass; body fat includes essential body fat and storage body fat. Essential body fat is necessary to maintain life and reproductive functions.

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How to Measure Body Fat?

There are different ways to measure body fat percentage:

  • You can see yourself in the mirror and guess what your body fat percentage is. (This method is the most inaccurate way to measure, but also the simplest and cheapest)
  • You can use a set of body fat caliper, they cost around $5 on amazon. With calipers, you simply pull the fat away from your muscles, pinch them with the caliper, take the measurements, and look at a chart to figure out your body fat percentage.
  • You can take measurements (like the US Navy measurement or the YMCA measurement), to calculate your body fat percentage.
  • Or you can pay for sessions of DEXA scanning and/or water displacement.




Alternatives / What to do next? (Only Choose 1)

First Alternative (Lose Fat)

If you are someone above 15-17% body fat, then burning fat is what you need to focus on. If this is you, click on the “Lose Fat” button below and you will find exactly what you have to do in order to lose fat and maintain, or even build a little bit of muscle.

The body fat percentage I will recommend aiming for is somewhere around 8%-12%. Once you achieve that level of body fat, you can start to focus on the second alternative, building muscle.


Lose Fat


Second Alternative (Build Muscle)

If your body fat percentage is under 15%, then building muscle is probably what you want to focus more on. If this is you, click on the “Build Muscle” button below and you will find exactly what you have to do in order to build muscle while staying lean.

I would recommend staying on this alternative until your body fat percentage rises up to around 15%, which will take some time depending on the individual (around 1-3 years, or even more if you are somebody who has a fast metabolism).


Build Muscle


Third Alternative (Build Muscle and Lose Fat)

You can also lose fat and build muscle at the same time, but keep in mind that building muscle and losing fat at the same time is a slower progress. This alternative is for people that are already happy with their body and don’t mind on doing things more slowly. If this is you, check out the “Warrior Shedding Program” by Greg O’ Gallagher to learn more about this alternative.


Warrior Shredding Program


Fourth Alternative (For Woman)

If you are a woman, feel free to check out the Kinobody Survey below to find out your goals and how to exactly achieve them.


Not sure what your goal is yet?

By now you should have picked an alternative. If you are not sure yet on which alternative is the ideal one for you, feel free to do the Kinobody Survey below to find out what your goal is based on your answers.


Kinobody Survey



  1. albina

    Loosing body fat is a procedure that I have not attempted to do apart from loosing weight.
    I have never known the actual percentage of fats I am required to be having on my body.
    I have like between 40% and 45% of fats, what a pity.
    I therefore need to loose that fat using your strategy, I know I will loose slowly by slowly .Thanks a lot for your post.

  2. Andrea

    Very interesting article,
    I now actually know more or less where i am at, around 14% so….yes, need to lose some here and there.

    I checked your lose fat post and it did gave some very useful tips.

    My question is once reached the 12% should i keep the same diet to maintain or I will have to adjust it, and should I also keep the exercise routine to the same level?

    1. Antonio (Post author)

      Start eating at your maintenance to maintain the weight.

  3. Kristof

    Great post. Finally someone explains it in an easy way what the body fat percentage is and how to measure it. I also like that you give some many different alternatives fo people with different needs. I think I’ll go for the third alternative – build muscles and lose body fat, but maybe doing the Kinobody Survey first is a good idea.

  4. Lilg06

    Wow, great information! I want to reduce my body fat to 6-7%– again. I was a national level basketball player with a muscular built but due to a right-knee injury (in 2014) I stopped playing and as a result, gain some weight (I am between 20-25% right now).

    I want to know if I can still lose body fat without stressing my knee as it’s still not 100 percent. I know it’s difficult that’s why I am aiming for lesser goal i.e to achieve body fat between 10-15%.

  5. Farhan

    Hello Antonio!

    I have always tried to exercise in order to build muscle, but the results always take a long time to show, and before I know it, I just stopped working out. Now, I realise that I need to lose body fat first.

    According to your table, I have about 20-25 percent of body fat. I mainly do quite a bit of manual labour at work, thus I don’t think I should push myself too hard by working out at home as well. How often do you think I should be working out, to get to 15-20 percent?

    Great article. Thanks!

  6. LO Diaz

    Thank you for this post. Your pictures are shocking … but, they illustrate well the concept of body fat
    Is there a way to correlate that with BMI standards?
    Irrespective of body weight/height what fat% could correspond to obese?
    I am heavy because I like to lift weight and my muscles are developed more than the average person, however because I like to eat I could probably fit, as per your scale, between 20 to 25% with more of the fat being localized in my belly. As per BMI I am Obese … Does that make sense?

  7. Liz

    Interesting program ideas. I am always keeping an ear out for what people are having success with lately. I have a personal training background and have never really struggled with my weight in any way and have only really fluctuated up and down by about 5kgs. But when I was training clients it was frustrating to watch them struggle with body fat and weight issues even though they might have been training well. However, I do find at the end of the day,the people that build up sustainable good habits are the ones that have lasting success. DO you know how people go after they have achieved their desired results with these kind of programs given that they can be pretty intense?

  8. Zailinah


    If I could guess my body fat by using those images you shared, I’m guessing 15-20%. I think I want to focus more on building muscles because after 40, your body lose firmness.

    I do quite a bit of cardio but lazy on the weights/muscle strengthening. Must work more on that.

    This article just gives me a reason to do just that!



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