How to Gain Muscle While Intermittent Fasting!

I’m sure many of you guys think that intermittent fasting is only for people that want to lose weight. Well, I’m here to tell you that is not true! In addition to all the great health benefits IF offers, you can build a little extra muscle mass doing intermittent fasting.

How is That Possible?

You see, on a fasted period your glycogen stores are been depleted, especially when you train fasted. So you are draining your blood sugar and muscle sugar. When you do this to your body you create a situation where you become insulin sensitive. This is a situation most bodybuilders want to be in. That’s because when you become insulin sensitive and you eat carbs, all the food goes STRAIGHT into your muscles.

There are people that eat a lot of carbs and are NOT insulin sensitive. Those people usually end up putting it to their fat stores instead of their muscles.



Intermittent Fasting = Big Meals


What to do next?

So if you are someone that is struggling to gain muscle mass, the reason could be because you are not eating enough (300-500 above your maintenance calories) or it couldĀ beĀ because you are not insulin sensitive when you eat. I would suggest giving intermittent fasting a try. BUT! It is important that you track what you eat AND that you eat in a caloric surplus if you want to see results in muscle gain.

If you are lost. Don’t know what to do, don’t know what your goal is, and don’t know how to achieve them. Feel free to check out my “Get Started Here” post to find out what your goal is, and exactly how to achieve your goal.


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