How to Get Rid of Acne

In this post, I will be sharing the 4 tips that got rid of my acne forever. When I turned 14, I started getting lots of breakouts. Many people started noticing, and it frustrated me. I tried literally everything and a lot of things only made my acne worse, I won’t let that happen to you. Here are the 4 things that got rid of my acne.


3. Stop Using Acne Creams

You see, most of the acne don’t come from the outside. It comes from the inside, YOUR body produces it! Some acne creams are going to help for sure, but most of them don’t work in the long term. Acne creams did help me in the beginning, but trust me, once you stop using them your acne is going to come back, worse than it was before! In the next step, I will show you the one type of cream that actually works.




2. Honey Mask (Real Honey)

Yes, honey actually helped me clean my acne a lot! Honey kills the bacteria on your skin and it fades scars as well, so you can also use it to fade away your acne scars. But how do you use honey to clear acne? Well, start by applying honey on a clean art brush, then slightly brush the honey on your face and leave it there for around 15 minutes before you wash it off. Do this once a day and you will see results.




1. Stop Eating Dairy Food!

Remember when I said that most of pimples don’t come from the outside? Well, most of it is produced from the inside of your body, and DAIRY FOOD is the number one thing that caused me lots of breakouts! I’m not saying to completely eliminate dairy food from your diet, but I will definitely suggest eating a lot less dairy. If you love milk, ice cream, etc, try buying the ones that are free from dairy.



Keep in mind that everyone is different, so don’t expect the same results I got from applying these tips. But don’t lose hope, you may even get better results! Anyways, remember to not just read what you learn, apply what you learn into your life!


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