Is Six Pack Shortcuts A SCAM? – BE AWARE!

So you have come across Mike Chang’s videos on YouTube? And you are not sure whether you can trust this guy?

Good, after reading this review you are going to have enough information to decide whether Six Pack Shortcuts is a scam or not.


About the programBilderesultat for six pack shortcuts

Name: Six Pack Shortcuts

Founder: Mike Chang

My personal rating: 4/10


I will also give you my #1 recommended fitness program in the end of this video. This will be for those who either want to build muscle or lose fat.

If you want to check that out now, you can scroll down to the button of this review 🙂


What is Six Pack Shortcuts? & Who is Mike Chang?

As you might already know he is a fitness trainer mostly known for his YouTube advertisements and 5 minute videos.

Now, you are probably here not to find out what it is, but if it’s a scam. So let me tell you a little bit about Mike Chang… He is a very good marketer! But not be the best trainer as he wants you to believe.

For sure you can get results with his training program if you are a beginner, but most beginners get results with whatever program they get into.


Bilderesultat for mike chang six pack shortcuts

Mike Chang


If you REALLY want to get results, you should learn from people like Jeff Cavaliere from Athlean-X, or Greg O’ Galagher from Kinobody. They know A LOT about training and expose all the BS that is being said out there in the fitness industry.

I do like Kinobody slightly better though as you get to live a very enjoyable lifestyle while progressing. If you are interested in getting started with Kinobody make sure to scroll down to the button on “My Advice”.


Pros – What I liked…

  • It might works if you are a beginner.
  • It is well organized.
  • All his course is on video.


Cons – What I didn’t like…

  • They talk about good foods versus bad foods when in reality only calories matter at the end of the day.
  • If you decide to keep your membership, you’ll be billed $67/month on top of the initial feed paid for this service – it will be up to you to cancel this on your own to prevent re-billing.
  • They still think that liquids have a big impact on our six pack abs. While in reality body fat is what matters when you look at your abs.
  • The course is very easy and when I started watching it, the information they gave was too easy stuff that could be learn in other videos on YouTube.
  • The cooking modules are plain useless (they cook some chicken, meat and potatoes, so let’s be serious)


Is Six Pack Shortcuts a Scam?

It’s not like they will steal your money, there is useful information inside the program. However, it’s so “beginnerish” that the information can be easily found in the internet and other YouTube videos.

Plus paying a monthly fee for a fitness program is a waste of money, specially when they only give too basic information for it.


My Advice

So NO, I do not recommend you to buy the program. If you want something that will work for life, help you build a powerful body, and get KEEP that fat off your belly.

Please make sure to check out the Kinobody programs. The Kino Programs will also make sure to keep you away from all the BS in the fitness industry.


Click HERE if you want to see what Kinobody is all about (My #1 Recommendation).


PS. Kinobody is not a program, they have different programs. One that focuses on building muscle while staying lean, one that focuses on losing fat while building/maintaining muscle, there is also a program for woman, and more.


Anyways, I hope you found this helpful. Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions! It really helps me a lot. 🙂



  1. shrey

    Hi Antonio
    I really do not understand if using the Mike Chang program will help me build muscles, I really wanted to have more muscular body and a slim waist but not exactly ripped the way mike chang is or perhaps a guy would want.
    SO, will this program help me achieve my goals?

    1. Antonio (Post author)

      For you I will go for the Goddess Toning Program. This is the Kinobody program for woman.

  2. Joe

    Hi Antonio, wow, thanks for the heads up. There are so many products and memberships available on the internet, that it makes it difficult to always know which ones are legit and which aren’t. I agree with you Kinobody programs really work and deliver great results. Thanks for the info.

  3. Tom

    Have seen six pack shortcuts by Mike Chang over the internet for a while and have always wondered wether it would be worth doing. I have to admit it looks legit from the outside. Thanks for the heads up though and for saving me the money. So much misleading information out there but Kinobody looks really good.

  4. Michel

    You seem to know your stuff and show that you are an expert in this field by the review that you have given. Poor Mike Chang.

    Tell me, once you guys start a program to build your bodies, what happens if you give it up one day? I have heard that all that muscle turns to flab, but not sure if this is true? I have heard that once you start, it is forever – is this true?

    1. Antonio (Post author)

      Hey Michel,

      There are tons of programs out there, but there are also courses. To be honest, I prefer courses. You learn a lot and is knowledge that you are most likely to remember for a long time. That knowledge is what is going to help you build your body more than anything else.

      That is exactly what the Kinobody courses are. It is a program, but at the same time a course since they teach you why you are going to do what they tell you to do.


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