Is The Jump Manual a SCAM?

In this review I’m going to be revealing you my personal thoughts on the Jump Manual. By reading through this you will hopefully find out questions like: Is the Jump Manual a scam? Is the Jump Manual legit? Or should I buy it? We are also going to give you a little overview of what it is, and the cheapest place to buy.


Product: The Jump Manualthe-jump-manual

Price: $67

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Guarantee: 60 days money back guarantee

My Personal Rating: 9.5 out of 10


What is The Jump Manual?

Jacob Hiller

Jacob Hiller (Founder of The Jump Manual)

The Jump Manual is a training program designed specifically to help you jump higher. The program is a full training package that will teach you step by step how to increase your vertical jump.

The good thing about this training program is that it focus on the correct methods like flexibility, resistance training, eating techniques, and many more. Most programs out there focus on one or two factors of vertical jumping. But this program shows you all the nine different factors you will need to increase your vertical jump.

I will recommend this program to people that are interested in increasing their ability to jump higher and to people that are into basketball.


The Positives of The Jump Manual

  • The exercises are not only to increase your vertical jump, but they are also outstanding for general fitness.
  • Great support. Including a chat feature on Jacob’s website.
  • It includes alternative exercises if you can’t afford a gym membership.
  • It includes an easy nutrition plan to follow and workout charts which will allow you to build the muscle you need.
  • Adding 10 inches to your jump is guaranteed by the time you finish 12 weeks of the program.
  • The training in the program has scientific evidence.
  • One-on-one training with Jacob Hiller.


The Negatives of The Jump Manual

  • In order to see results, it is required that you put time, effort, and dedication.
  • This is not a “magic program”, it won’t give you instant results. It is a process that will lead to GREAT results over time.


Video Overview


Scam or Legit?

No, the Jump Manual is absolutely not a scam. In fact, the manual itself has been featured on ESPN and Fade Away, UK’s biggest basketball magazine.

If you are interested in buying the program, I would suggest buying it on their original website I believe is the best place since you will be getting a 60 days money back guarantee if you do so.




I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about The Jump Manual or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below.



  1. Kumar

    Hi Antonio,
    This looks like a very good training program. I have issues jumping high. The country I live in have a fitness test for every individual. One of the tests is called standing broad jump, which requires you to jump a far as you can. I always fail in the particular test because I somehow just can jump high. Thanks for this review, I might consider getting this product sooner rather than later.

    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      That’s great Kumar!

      Let me know when you join the program, I’m interested in your results as you progress through the program 🙂

  2. Xander

    Hi Antonio,

    I never knew there was a program that could help you jump higher. I always just thought that the height that you jump is the height that you jump. More a natural thing than something that can be improved. And an additional 10 inches is huge. This is really something to look in to.

  3. Cyril

    Well, in terms of jumping higher, my personal opinion is to squat, squat and squat. But one thing that I love about this training program is this program works fast and I may see results in a short period of time. I would like to try this program in order to jump higher!

    The question is, what kind of training am I going to have? Is it about some intensity drills or muscle training?

    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      Hey Cyrril,

      The program is mostly explosive strength training and other explosive jumping exersices.

  4. christinamk

    10 inches added to your jump height is very impressive! When I did p90x I increased my jump height a lot so I know it’s possible. Your site is awesome and I totally just opted into the Kinobody Journey. I’ve been meaning to get back to exercising and 3 days a week sounds like something I could definitely fit into my schedule.

    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      That’s great Christina! Let me know how it goes as you progress through the program 🙂

  5. MDS

    Absolutely loved your website. The various programs you have listed and the site setup made it easy for me to find the areas that interest me as a trainer. I enjoyed the way you presented if the programs were a scam or legit. It’s so hard to know the various methods, which are accurate or not from internet “bro science”.

  6. Carroll

    Hi Antonio, Thank you for clearing up what I thought was purely genetics. I always wondered why this one guy who play pro basketball and is like 5feet 8inches tall could dunk the ball. It is good to know it is not just genetics. Thanks for writing the review i learned a lot.

  7. Michel

    Haven’t heard of this jump program before, but it looks very good. I wonder if it would help my dancers?

    Most people focus on weight loss or exercise in general. I have also seen lots of programs focusing on flexibility, but never one focused on jumping higher. I am sure this will help many athletes as well.

  8. John Savage

    Great Job!!

    Very clean, informative and clear in your descriptions.

    I know your selling but it doesn’t feel that way and I felt as though you were talking to me.

    Going through the visual description of what a person looks like toadying how they see themselves taking the survey is genius!

    Ive actually signed up for a greek god body!!!

    Making it clear that you earn money from products you sell is not awkward either.

    Your site flows from one page to another : )

    Kinobody for me!


    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      I’m glad you liked it John, let me know how it goes as you progress through the program 🙂

  9. Carlton Gonder

    Hi Antonio,

    Thank you for creating such a wonderful review for The Jump Manual.

    I have always had issues with jumping high and I have found a way to do this. All I have to do is put forth the effort and I will see amazing results.

    My one question is this a program good for someone who has had surgery on their knee?

    Yours Truly,

    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      Hey Carlton,

      I’m not really sure about that. There are some heavy lifting and lot of jumping involved in the program, consult your doctor before trying it out.

  10. Mason

    Hi Antonio

    thanks for the review on this. A friend mentioned this product to me and thought I would check it out. I know these things take time (You even mention it) however can you give an indication on how fast I can expect to start seeing results? Have you heard any other feedback from others using the program?

    Would like to know what a realistic timeframe would be to set myself when I purchase the program.

    Thanks mate

    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      Hey Mason,

      It really depends on the person. But I would say around 2 weeks to start seeing results, and much longer than 2 weeks to achieve your goal (6 months maybe).

  11. Liz

    Isn’t it fantastic that there are so many great online programs where you can improve a certain aspect of your life and it is backed by scientific research? No need to travel somewhere to get the info, access it in the comfort and privacy of your own home, and best of all having access to a community of people who have the same goal as you? I imagine the Jump Manual would be invaluable for the aspiring basketball player at the fraction of a cost you would pay a coach to get similar results. Good review.

  12. Michael

    Finally, I found your website that is dedicated to M.J’s program.

    Your reviews are very specific and topic are very relevant. I’m not “black and white” meaning I don’t care if its a scam or legit. It all depends on personal preference.

    But one thing I have to say is that your website looks pretty well organized.

    Keep up with out work 🙂

    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      Thanks Michael!

  13. Terri

    Hi Antonio, well I never knew that there was such a program a the JUMP program. I like how you put your own results. It shows that the programs really get results. Your website looks good and i like the theme and layout you have. It really flows well. I like that your programs are for all ages and genders so you can get a wide variety of visitors.

  14. Julius

    Do you think Air Alert 3 is on par with the Jump Manual? I finished Air Alert 3 a couple years ago and definitely felt a substantial increase in my vertical jump. Still can’t quite dunk though.

    I’m hesitant towards since this has so much different opinions. And costs more.

    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      Hey Julius, I’m not familiar with Air Alert 3, sorry. I will do some research about it when I get time, and answer your question in the future 🙂

  15. jCamden

    This looks really cool 🙂 I love programs like this that really get you moving and involve a lot of cardio. After you’re through the 12 weeks is there a set of instructions given for maintaining that great jumping ability or even improving it further? How many days of the week does it require you to exercise?

  16. Dan

    I find this program intriguing. I’m not interesting in basketball or dunking a ball. But I’m more interested in it for fitness. I bet it would be beneficial in general fitness areas too. What kind of results did you see on this program? Did it get you more in shape?

    1. Antonio (Post author)

      Hey Dan,

      If you are looking for a fitness program, check my #1 recommendation here. (This is the one I’m currently using and seeing great results with.

  17. emmanuel

    Hey Antonio,

    This looks like a nice program to help me jump higher. I have tried jumping and I do not jump high at all.

    I think it looks great because it is not a program were you instantly get results. You say that you need to put in the work, so that says that it is a good program.

  18. Jagi

    I have a couple basketball players who would love to be able increase their jumping ability. The Jump Manual seems like a great idea for those who want to take their game to the next level. My daughter also does hurdles in track and could benefit from something such as this.

  19. Chris


    Great Article on the Jump Manual.

    I would be interested to see some of the workouts that are provided in the manual.

    Being able to slam dunk a 10ft basketball hoop is something that a lot of people would love to be able to do. The 10 inch leap increase seems quite ambitious but I guess it is worth a try.

    I appreciate your review.



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