Muscle Up Progression: How to Perform your First Muscle Up

Before you can perform your first muscle up, you will need to build up the strength foundation for it. In this post, I’m going to show you the fastest way to build that foundation, so that you can finally perform your first muscle up.



How to Train for Your first Muscle Up

In order to perform your first muscle up, you must be able to do a 1RM (1 rep max)  weighted pull up with 30% of your body weight.

Example: If you weigh 70kg, then 30% of your body weight would be 21 kg.

Example Calculation: 70 kg x 0.3 = 21 kg

To achieve your strength foundation, I will recommend doing the “Greek God Program” for overall strength and to achieve that powerful Hollywood Physique look. But that’s optional, you can always make your own workout plan as well.

The main goal is to increase the weight on your weighted pull ups by 1 kg on all of your 3 sets every time you hit the gym.


Proper Muscle Up Technique

1. Find a Good Grip


3. Try Not to Hang too Forward on the Bar


2. Try Not to Hang too Back on the Bar


4. Get in Perfect Position



5. Watch this Video Tutorial from “The Bar Brothers Netherlands”



  1. Xander

    Hi Antonio,

    I really dig your website. It contains great info and has got me searching through all your posts.
    It certainly looks like a great workout and intense at that. You are really going to need a lot of strength and really great core strength. I was just wondering what muscle groups this exercise targets?

    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      A muscle up is a “pull up” and a “dip” done in one exercise and don’t get me wrong, it looks pretty impressive too. There are lots of muscles that are targeted by doing this exercise. It is basically the whole upper body, but mainly the triceps and your lats. Hope this awnsers your question 🙂

  2. Don B,

    Great tutorial! Looking forward to try this technique next time.

  3. Jose Manuel

    This technique works well, I have managed to do 5 muscle ups in a row now! Really cool stuff here.. I Recommend following this method if you are interested on learning the muscle up

    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      That’s awesome Jose!


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