Powerline P1X Home Gym – Review with VIDEO Included!

Welcome to my Powerline P1X Home Gym review where I will be showing you whether this product is worth purchasing by taking a look at its quality and features.

My goal for this review will be to show you the features, pros, cons, a short description, and some videos as well. This way you will have enough information to find out wether this product is worth purchasing or not.


Powerline P1X Single Stack Home Gym Review

Price: $835.00powerline-p1x-home-gym-review

Cheapest Place to Buy: amazon.com

Waranty: 10-year frame warranty; one-year warranty covers all other parts

Shipping Time: Usually ships within 4 to 5 days (can only be shipped in the US)

Customer Rating on Amazon: 4.1 out of 5.0

My Personal Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0


Product Overview

The Powerline P1X Home Gym is a well constructed gym designed to last for a long time and with its modern design, it can be used to compliment home decoration. The Powerline P1X is built with heavy steels and all of the pivot points are assembled with heavy duty shafts and bushings. With its design this gym can even last for a lifetime.

This gym has a 160 lbs weight stack and can be upgraded whenever you want to a 210 lbs weight stack at the maximum. The Powerline PX1 is also a very comfortable gym since it features no-cable-change design at the same time the machine includes adjustable leg extension that is equipped with thick foam rollers. In addition to that, the hand grips and rollers are made with high-density foam rubber making your workout even more comfortable.

You may think the price of the machine is too high for a home gym, but remember that this thing is built to last for a very long time. Think about it, if you pay $35 a month for a gym membership, you pay $420 for the year. In less than 3 years the machine will pay for itself, and you won’t have to worry about getting gym memberships anymore. So it’s a good investment.

Now if you can’t pay for that price and you are looking to a similar machine that is cheaper click here to check out the reviews of my recommended brand for home gyms here! 


More information about the product

Item Weight: 391 pounds

Item Dimension: 71 x 66 x 83 inches


The reason this product does not get 5 stars…

As I can see on Amazon reviews many people say they would give it a 5, but unfortunately, not many did. The only reason to this was because of the pain that it took for many people to build since the instructions weren’t clear and many were having problems understanding it. Other than that, this machine seems to be pretty legit.


  • Multi-grip press arm system designed for optimum muscle interaction for the chest, incline, and shoulder press movements.
  • Fully adjustable leg extension with thick foam rollers.
  • Includes mid row handles offer a mid and lower back workout designed to increase flexibility, build strength, and relieve lower back stress.
  • No-cable-change design that will allow you to switch between high, mid, and low pulley exercises.
  • Included cable attachments offer the versatility to perform lat pull downs, triceps press downs, biceps curls, resistance abdominal crunches, and more
  • Designed to perform large range of motion on the exercises
  • Full adjustability for any size user



  • Easy to use.
  • Very well constructed (this gym can last, even for a lifetime!)
  • Anyone can use it!
  • As I said on the features list, it’s easy to switch between exercises as it has a no-cable-change design
  • Good quality home gym
  • Good looking too
  • Many different and great exercises can be performed!
  • Large range of motion as I said in the features list
  • FREE shipping on Amazon! (In the US)



  • The instructions are difficult to understand
  • Can only be shipped in the US


Short Video with Photo Gallery Overview of the Product 🙂


Should you Purchase the Powerline P1X Home Gym?

If you are looking for a home gym that lasts for a lifetime and that will get you fit at home, yes absolutely! And no, if you are a more advanced user and you are looking for a more professional machine, then make sure to check out the Marcy Home Gyms – my recommendation here!

Anyways, if you want to see the Powerline P1X Home Gym on Amazon, feel free to click on the yellow button below.


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  1. Jennifer

    For this product what are the limits as far as muscle training? Does it offer a work out for various problem areas? I’m interested in this for toning and firming not so much for bulk. Is this a product you would recommend for that specific desire?
    I’m happy I found a site that offers info about this kind of thing. I’m usually to timid to go to gyms.

  2. Matt's Mom

    I like this home gym. I don’t think the price is bad at all. You do pay for quality. I have been looking for something for my son that I can set up in the garage. He doesn’t have the time to go to the gym during the school year, and it just makes sense to have something at home. I was curious if this also works your legs, or if we would need a separate squat bar? Only thing I would worry about with this set up is the difficult instructions as I would be the one putting it together!

    1. Antonio (Post author)

      You would manage to build the gym but it can take some hours or you can also hire someone to build it for you. Yes, this gym also works your leg as it has a leg extension/curl session.

  3. Kevin Pola

    Great review of the gym set, you have answered all the questions I had about home gyms. Only thing I am disappointed about is the fact it is only available in the US. Could you do some reviews on similar home gyms available international?
    You are doing and awesome job with your reviews, well set out and very comprehensive. Cheers Kev

    1. Antonio (Post author)

      Hey kevin, I have reviews of similar products that can be shipped outside of the US too.I suggest you check out my Marcy Home Gym reviews here to find out more about these.

  4. Sandy

    I really like your site and different techniques and strategies about muscle building. Though, I think you could write something more specifically about muscle building for women. As a woman, I like to workout and build some muscles, but I don’t want to have big muscles like a muscle builder. I just want to have a good shape with some muscles.

  5. WealthandHealth2016

    It looks like a pain in the A**, I’m glad I read your review on it, I tell you what, I am not expecting gym equipment to be light, but for something that weighs 390 pounds you can count on setting it up in one place and not being able to move it alone very easily…thats a no-no for me

    Awesome review, I am glad you did your homework and were honest about it.

  6. Alec Terry

    I find that there a lot of home gyms out there that aren’t of great construction and break down over a couple of years but this one seems to have been built with quality in mind.

    I’m in the market for a free standing pullup bar that I can disassemble and reassemble for traveling. I’m pretty tall so I’d like one that’s about 9 feet tall. Do you know of any good ones?

  7. Funkydunc

    Hi Antonio,
    This is a very comprehensive review of a home gym set-up. Good points you made about the cost of it compared to a gym membership. I know I have had gym memberships over the years and it was the fact I had paid the cash that kept me going, as much as the need to keep fit.
    One small point about the review you might need to refine. The opening paragraph has a spelling mistake. “wether” should read “whether”.

    Site looks very good, by the way.

    1. Antonio (Post author)

      Thanks for that!

  8. JeffWA

    Hi Antonio,
    The p 1x home gym system indeed appears to be a quality piece of machinery that would be quite useful for a person looking to get him/herself into shape and tone his body.

    The price that you mentioned really is not out of line, ($835) especially when you mentioned comparing it to a person going to a gym regularly and laying out money which in the long run would be much higher in price versus just buying the equipment.

    My personal opinion but I believe that it would be necessary for the manufacturer of this gym system to make improvements in the instructions manual to better serve future customers. Perhaps not enough people have complained directly to the manufacturer about what appears to be inferior instructions provided in the manual regarding a person setting up the gym system for the first time.

    I loved the video, even though they revealed only still photos. Yet in the photos one could easily see all of the different exercises available in the use of this gym system – for ladies as well as men.


  9. Michel

    This looks like a great machine to have. Pity that they only deliver in the US. I am sure many worldwide would like to source a machine like this.

    Does this machine work on the entire body or only certain muscle groups and does it come with instructions on how to do all the exercises?

  10. Michel

    This looks like a great machine to have. Pity that they only deliver in the US. I am sure many worldwide would like to source a machine like this.

    Does this machine work on the entire body or only certain muscle groups and does it come with instructions on how to do all the exercises?

  11. Linda

    I really like the features of this home gym. I’ve been investigating various home gym possibilities but had not explored this brand. I have the beginnings of osteoporosis and weight training on a regular basis is very important. This looks like it might fit the bill for me. I don’t have a tremendous amount of room but this design appears reasonably compact. Thanks for the comprehensive review!

  12. Jessica

    This looks like an awesome home gym piece and I would love to have something like it. It would really fit my needs and be able to keep growing with me ( because you can put a lot of weight on it). The only thing is I live in Canada, do you know of one similar that can ship to Canada?

  13. Steven

    This home gym sounds pretty neat! I used to have one many years ago but all the cable attachments put me off.

    does this particular model have hamstring curl on it as I can see a leg extension for quads?

    Also I’m from the UK so do you know were I can get this or something very similar as I like the idea of no messing around with cables

  14. Melissa

    I’ve just spent the last hour reading up on your website. So interesting! Even thinking of signing up to Kinobody. Your product review information is sufficient enough to keep me tuned in and wanting to know more. Was a bit disappointed though when I clicked on the “want my help picking the right Kinobody program” tab, as it took me to a blank screen. Other than that, I think it is a great website.

    1. Antonio (Post author)

      Hey Melissa, Kinobody closed their affiliate program not so long ago 🙁 ..Now I have to fix all the links from my site when they get it back.

  15. Jarvis

    Great website very easy to read along and flowed well. I found myself interested in your Kinobody Review, I have never heard of this program before and seems like something that I would really like to try, thanks for the helpful information, do you think this is a program that can be maintained for a long period of time?

  16. Wing

    I’ve never been a machine type of guy, always used free weights. The squat rack has always been my best friend! But after reading your review now I see that this machine is pretty versatile. And you’re right about the investment, especially for the avid gym rate. Thanks for sharing!

  17. sudsie

    good work! Product review was in-depth and informative. The use of video to preview the product was an excellent choice and added to the quality of the review. I learnt a lot from the information you provided, and that information was sufficient for me to determine whether or not I liked the product. The rating given was good as well. The language used was simple and yet easy to comprehend.

  18. Jeremy

    Well this certainly is a better price for a new age home gym. I’ve had a bowflex max trainer M5 before, though that was like $1,500 and the max trainer is essentially just a glorified cardio machine. $835 for a total gym is a way better price than some on the market. A question about the instructions and set up. My grandmother (she’s 83) hasn’t been doing much but being sedentary for the last year or so and her doctor says she needs to try and get around. She’s very healthy for an 83 year old, has no trouble walking or anything. Do you think this machine would be too strenuous for her?

  19. Hilton

    It’s good in your review how you specify that this equipment is better suited for beginners as opposed to more advanced users. I wouldn’t have thought there was a difference between a home machine for beginner versus more advanced folks, but I guess that’s because I’m not an expert or pro at fitness. Reviews like this will be helpful for people who want to get more knowledge about what’s out there before they decide to go all out on exercising and fitness.

  20. ariefw

    I’m thinking about having a home gym set for my apartment. But since I live in a small apartment, I have to use space very wisely.

    Do you know the dimension needed for this home gym? I mean how big is the area needed for it to work? I know that you can’t just put this in a corner and hope to have a convenient workout. You need space to move around.

    And of course, I need to move some furniture to make a space for this home gym.
    BTW, which do you recommend? A home gym or a treadmill?

  21. Julius


    I don’t have enough time to go to the gym, so I exercise at home. I actually prefer individual pieces of equipment, but I understand why some people might like all-in-one things like this one. And this home gym looks amazing! The price is pretty decent, and I think it’s worth it. The only very disappointing thing ts that it clearly doesn’t have a squat rack. Although you can perform different leg exercises on this thing, but squats are always the most important exercise when it comes to leg workout.


  22. Sam

    No cable change is a big plus here – no one wants to go fiddling about with cabling. I think it weakens the integrity of the cabling, if you get in there moving it around, so that’s a big advantage to this unit!
    Granted, it isn’t cheap, but I think most people are okay with the “you get what you pay for” premise these days, especially with home gym units. You can feel it in the cheap units as SOON as you use them. They just don’t run as smoothly through the pulleys.
    Does it come with a regimen of exercises too? I find it easier to maintain momentum if there’s a plan to follow
    Great article, Antonio! Keep informing us about the quality products out there!!

  23. Dan


    I like your product review and how you explain every single information in point form. It makes better understanding. Personally i have been doing home workout for 2 years now and perhaps upgrading to some high tech equipment is good for my progress. Its just that i am not currently in US. Too bad.. Overall, i like your explanatiom and the pro and cons part.

    Dan 🙂

  24. Julius

    Okay, this seems like a solid home gym to start with. It is pretty damn pricy though, but I see a lot of home gyms are.

    One thing’s weird – 10 year frame warranty? Seriously? I really don’t think anyone would need that much. It’s kind of a marketing trick I think, correct me if I’m wrong though.

    But nonetheless, it looks good. How much space does it take up?

  25. PowerParadise

    Hi,AntonioB99.I viewed your website and found it good.You are targeting a great niche and health is a very important subject. This information is excellence and some nice products to support body building.I like your video it is simple and easy to follow. I like what I saw.

    Warm Regards,
    Iris&Sam; Richardson


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