Teen Bodybuilding: The 2 MOST IMPORTANT Things Beginners Should Know

fitTraining and lifting weights is good for teenagers for sure. However, I personally think that in order for them to get the results that they want without any negative effects, they have to be discipline enough and have to know what they

are doing!

If they don’t, chances are they will never achieve the results they are looking for, and they might get injured as well.

In this post, I’m going to be showing you the 2 most important things teenagers and beginners need to know for better results.


#1 Have a Workout Plan

There are many beginners thinking that training is very simple and by picking up random weights while doing 15 different exercises with numerous amount of reps is going to get them the body of their dreams.

While in reality, the majority are over training themselves, which is bad for the body.

That was just an example, so remember this: When you are new to something you should learn from others, don’t make your own rules.




#2 Have a Nutrition Plan

The same goes when it comes to nutrition, you need a nutrition plan in order to achieve your fitness goals! 

You need to know about your macro ratio and how many calories you need in order to achieve your goal. Here at Muscle Strategies, we promote a great brand called Kinobody (by Greg O’ Gallagher). It’s simply a brand that offers programs for specific people.

To find what your goal is and what program you need to follow in order to achieve it, do the Kinobody Survey.

I’m currently doing the Greek God Program, which is the muscle building program Kinobody recommended me. I’ve had great results with it in only 3-4 months.

If you are interested, check out my experience and results here.




Well, this was all for this post. Make sure you check out the links highlighted above for more specific information and feel free to leave a positive comment down below, or a question if you have any.



  1. Sondre

    Thank you, this really helped me out 😉

    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      You are welcome Sondre, I’m glad I could help.

  2. Endre S. Pedersen

    Thank you, now i know how to start training 🙂

    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      No problem Endre.

  3. olaf

    Your content is great! Now I know how to work out since I am a teen! Thanks 🙂

    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      I’m glad I could help, Olaf 🙂


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