The Bodyweight Mastery Program Review

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My Personal Rating: 9.8 out of 10


What is The Bodyweight Mastery Program?

The Bodyweight Mastery is a complete training program and nutrition plan that will teach you how to get shredded and strong by ONLY doing bodyweight exercises. The program is based on 8 levels for each exercise, level 1 will be the easiest and level 8 the hardest. The ultimate goals are to be able to do the following exercises: one arm chin ups, full handstand push ups, muscle ups, pistol squats, front levers, leg raises and advanced one handed push ups.

Greg O’ Gallagher, the founder of Kinobody and the author of Bodyweight Mastery is a young professional trainer living in Toronto. According to Greg, his programs are based on his knowledge that he got from researching, reading, going through medical journals, learning from the smartest people in the industry, and testing on himself and the hundreds of clients he coached.

I personally don’t own the program myself. But that’s because I have access to a gym and currently doing his muscle building program “Greek God Program“.

Here is a video review from Greg’s YouTube channel:

What are the Positives & Negatives of Bodyweight Mastery Program?

The Positives

  • The workouts don’t take longer than 40-45 minutes
  • You only train 3 days a week
  • The program is made for everybody! Since it has different difficulty levels from level 1 to 8.
  • You notice results in the first 4-6 weeks, depending on the individual.
  • The program is very complete, it has literally everything you need to achieve your goals.
  • The way Greg teaches you to eat, lets you eat whatever you want by using intermittent fasting.
  • You don’t need a gym
  • The program is based on science

The Negatives

  • The workouts are intense!
  • It requires discipline and consistency
  • You will need a bar to perform some of the workouts

Video Overview

Is Bodyweight Mastery for you?

I would recommend the program to people that don’t have access to a gym, or to people that simply prefer bodyweight training rather than weight lifting.


Click here to see the "Bodyweight Mastery Program" on the Kinobody store


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I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about the bodyweight mastery program or want to leave your personal review, leave a comment below.



  1. Graham

    Are you aware of anyone who has used the Bodyweight Mastery program, and can provide a personal review?

    I think bodyweight exercises are overlooked and have a huge benefit. I have some interest in trying a program like this one for myself. Currently I am building up a base with free weight training.

    Cool site.

    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      Hey Graham,

      You can check out personal reviews and success stories here if you are interested:

  2. Tina

    Hi Antonio, good work on your site, my nephew is a body builder and very conscious of what he eats and drinks as it is very strenuous.

    I will definitely be recommending this site to him and also my son who is trying to get fit and build some muscle, keep up the good work

    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      That’s great Tina! Let me know when your son and your nephew join the program, I’m interested on their results with the program 🙂

  3. Kaz Baker

    Hey Antonio,
    I’m a fan and firm believe of health and fitness. It’s always great to have people like you spreading the good word. Would it be possible to provide small examples of their workout as like a preview perhaps? For example week 1 consists of the following? What are your thoughts?
    Keep up the great work!

    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      Great idea Kaz, I don’t know if I can show you an overview of one week (the program is not made week by week), but I can show you the table of content of the course/program here. This will give you an idea of how the program is built.

  4. Tom


    I love the information about body weight exercises. Everyone always think they have to lift weights to have a benefit.I know the most important part is you have just get a daily routine down! I have done some of this stuff with out using a program and it differently works.

    Do you have anyone you know who tried this? Or is it just the usual stories?

    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      Hey Tom,

      I myself own a Kinobody Program, not this one though, I own their muscle building program in which you will need gym equipment to perform the workouts. But, no, I don’t know anybody that has the bodyweight mastery.

  5. Mara

    Hi Antonio,
    I really enjoyed reading this. As someone who likes to be active and strong, I think programs like this that can be done away from the gym are great. Not everyone has the time or money to attend a gym regularly, so these body weight training programs can be a godsend. I do have one question though – looking at the second video, some of these moves are quite advanced. Is this suitable for a complete beginner, or does the book start at a basic enough level for someone starting out? I would be worried about injury if I wasn’t performing the exercises correctly.
    Thanks, Mara.

    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      Hey Mara,

      The video shows what you will be able to do when you come to level 8. So don’t worry, the program is made for everyone. I’m sure you will be able to perform and progress through all the exercises in level 1, they are very easy. Actually, most people start on level 2 and 3 since some of the workouts on level 1 are too easy.

  6. Jeff

    I am interested in the body weight workout. My concern is that it could be too intense.

    Here’s the deal. I’m 58. When I was in the best shape of my life I the most chin up reps I could do were 2. Max. Now I can do 0. And I can’t do many push ups either.

    Is level 1 at a low enough of an intensity level for me to do so that I could start there and progress or do I need to start somewhere else?

    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      Hey Jeff,

      The Kinobody programs are made for almost everybody! I think you will manage to do level one since normal chin ups and push ups will start coming on around level 2-4.

      Hey, and if you don’t want to do bodyweight training, feel free to find out what Kinobody program works best for you based on your answers in the Kinobody Survey. Maybe the Bodyweight Mastery is not the one for you…

      1. Jeffrey Kent Kent

        Okay Tony, you have me interested. I’m going to look at the survey.

        1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

          That’s great Jeff! let me know how it goes if you decide to purchase anything 🙂

  7. Tanya

    Oh boy will my husband love this post and your website as well. He is just getting started into working out and lifting weights and doing a lot of research. I will definitely bookmark this page to show him later when he gets home. The one thing he does struggle with and that is discipline! Hence the reason is just getting back into it AGAIN. The fact that Bodyweight Mastery Program only lasts about 45 minutes and only for 3 days… I think that might be the seller right there for him. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      Hey Tanya,

      Also, if your husband doesn’t like bodyweight training, you can tell him to check out the Kinobody Survey. It will send him to the #1 most recommended program based on his answers. I’m glad you liked it, let me know how it goes as he progress through.

  8. Eliud

    Hi Antonio,

    great site! very informative.

    I’m a big fan of High Intensity (HIIT) cardio exercises and i was just wondering how this program compares or differs from HIIT cardio.

    My main aim is to reduce fat accumulation especially around the waistline – I wonder whether this would help me achieve this just like cardio does.


    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      Hey Eliud,

      I would recommend you to check out the Kinobody Survey. It will send you to the #1 most recommended program based on your answers, it only takes less than a minute, check it out.

      I hope this helps.

  9. Kim

    Great review. I have been following Greg for a while, and been insipred by his exercise videos on YouTube. In my opinion, this guy really knows what he’s talking about when it comes to getting fit.

    You don’t need a gym or a ton of weights to get into great shape quickly. Bodyweight exercises done the correct way (like Greg shows you in his videos), in combination with proper dieting (intermittent fasting) actually work much better, in my opinion.

    What’s great about bodyweight exercises, is that you can do them everywhere without any equipment. I have been following a bodyweight exercise regimen for the last two years – without setting my foot in a gym – and I’m in the best shape of my life.

    I don’t own Greg’s KinoBody program, but I’m seriously considering making the investment. He’s a great trainer and motivator.

  10. Matt's Mom

    Another great product by Greg O’Gallagher. For me, it’s easier to go into the gym and do my workout. Sometimes I cannot make it, and then need to do a work out at home. I like the idea of being able to do the Greek God program at the gym and supplementing with the BodyWeight Mastery at home. Can these programs be done by females? I have done P90X before. Thanks!

    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      Hey, I would recommend you to do the Goddess Toning Program. This is a great Kinobody program made for females. I just putted a link to the landing page, feel free to check it out.

  11. kostovp

    I was looking for something like this. Finally some good explanation, geesh. I like what I see, man, and I think I will totally give it a try. Do you think I have to be very consistent, since I have a slim body and I think I gain easily? Other than that, this product looks really legit,

    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      Consistency is the key for getting results, but when you are enjoying the progress it is going to be easy to stay consistent.

  12. Vicki

    Wow. This looks very intense and something that I know my son would be interested in trying. He is into the more intense workouts. He is also into using supplements, so maybe this is something that you could add to your site? Just an idea. Unfortunately, it’s not for me, I had a hip replacement a year ago and complications afterwards. But the videos are very informative and well designed.

  13. Carroll

    I read through your Body weight mastery program and was wondering if this was right for me. I then came across to your reply to a comment on my very question. I took your advice and went on the survey which was very helpful. Next payday I will take you up on your recommendations. It was good to hear I’m not too old to start.

    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      That’s great Carroll!

  14. jmario

    Good job Antonio!!
    I have personally heard about Mr. Greg O’ Gallagher, and i think he is pretty legit, I’ve seen some f the videos he posts and its a very interesting and different approach to working out, thanks to your site people will have better understanding and valuable tips on different workout programs.
    keep up the good work!!

  15. Matthew Thomas

    I think it’s pretty great that the Bodyweight Mastery Program doesn’t rely on any sort of workout machines – a bar is really all that’s necessary. There’s no excuses you can use not to pursue it, like “I don’t have the proper equipment”. Everything can be done with your bodyweight.

    How limited would this program be if somebody didn’t even have a bar to work with? Would it still be possible to do?

    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      You need a bar.

  16. Travis Smithers

    Going through the list of some of the exercise you list you’ll be able to do as you go through this exercise routine are pretty serious.

    It’s obvious with some of those exercises you need to be in excellent shape so the 1-8 levels of workout must put you through your paces.

    For the price sounds Like a great opportunity to get into shape as some gym memberships can cost that much just for one month.

    Nothing to lose everything to gain.

  17. Corrinda

    Hi the information on the bodyweight mastery program was interesting and informative thank you. Do you know if any mature age people are using it and if so how are they finding it? I was also wondering how it would work for women, if at all? Just putting it out there in case other people are curious. 🙂

    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      There are 40 years old using it, and yes it works for women too.

  18. Roopesh

    Hi Antonio
    This sounds interesting.I love the fact that this body, involves the use of your body weight.

    I know that you mentioned that one would only see results within 4-6weeks, but can you tell me how long does it can take for one to complete all eight levels.

    Thanks for this

    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      That’s a hard question and it really depends on the person. Some people start the BMP at level 4, some start at level 1. It could take years to achieve level 8, but you are always progressing in the program, but to achieve a decent physique, it can take 6 to 12 months maybe (depends too).

  19. King

    I am currently in the warrior shredding program and I must say, I am seeing significant results. I like the fact that Greg makes shredding a lot easier than the information we receive out there. He really changed my perspective about bulking and shredding. Now, all I have to do is workout 3 times a day, and drink a cup of coffee every morning to help with my intermittent fasting.

  20. Jaime

    Doesn’t everyone want to have huge muscles?

    This is a great review, as you dive into all the major aspects of the program. I really feel like you evaluated the product very fairly, especially from a consumers standpoint. This is a very affordable program, and one I think people should definitely try out.


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