Valor Athletics BD-7 Power Rack Lat Pull

In this review, we are going to tell you what you need to know before buying the Valor Athletics BD-7 Power Rack. I’m going to be sharing with you the details of the product, the pros, cons, and the cheapest place to buy.

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Valor Athletics BD-7 Power Rack with Lat Pull Down

Price: $539.99 + FREE Shipping

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Shipping Time: 3 to 5 business days

Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5.0


The Valor Athletics BD-7 Power Rack is made for intense strength training, which is perfect for people following the Kinobody programs.

With this rack, you can perform many different exersices including lat pull downs, squats, military press, pull-ups, bench press and more! Yes, the rack includes a lat pull down attachment that supports up to 250 lbs.

Each bar holder supports a max weight of 500 lbs (1000 lbs total) and the bars are made of steel. This is something that makes the Valor Athletics BD-7 a great power rack for weight lifters.

This model of the Valor Athletics BD-7 includes a 2″ x 2″ main frame, four 8″ plate storage pegs, 4 solid steel chrome adjustable weight bar supports, and 2 solid steel squat safety bars. Apart from that, the power rack includes squat safety bars and a variety of different positions for bar supports that range in height of 1 to 68 inches. 


The Pros

  • It supports 1000 lbs in total, which is more than enough
  • It is easy to put together and solid when assembled
  • It includes a 2″ x 2″ main frame which is very useful
  • Powerful and well built machine
  • It comes with a lat pull down that supports 250 lbs


The Cons

  • The lat pull down can get into way when doing some exercises
  • Clunky pulley mechanism


Video Overview

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  1. donald

    Hi thanks for the review on Valor Athletics, it looks like some totally radical kit, I would really love to have something like that in my home… But it is by the looks of things to large my small flat. Is there anything that you can recommend but has a smaller footprint for somebody who is just starting out? But I do love the review and you can but dream.

    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      Hmm, what about this one? Although, the BD-7 works well with beginners too. Just don’t put too much weight on the bar and you should be good.

  2. Sondre

    Wow, your website is really great looking and I must say that i like it a lot. Great look. Your theme is also very interesting and fits the niche you have chosen. Your content is also interesting and I’m really liking how you display it. Great work and keep it up. Also, you write really good despite you are from Norway. I´ll stay tuned 😉

    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      Thanks for the positive comment Sondre 🙂

  3. Tore Aarsand

    Very nice and informing review. I was thinking about getting a mini gym in my own house, but this thing seems a little too expensie… Do you recommend any other homegym that is cheaper?

    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      Hey Tore, check out this review of mine, it may help you. If not, send me another message 🙂

  4. Nathan

    Hi Antonio

    I have been told when building strength for sports to avoid machines and stick to free weights and bodyweight exercises. Something to do with engaging all of the balancing muscles in your workouts as those muscles are going to be engaged whilst playing your sport so they need to be worked out too.

    My question is – is something like the Valor Athletics BD-7 – as a machine – suitable for building strength for sport – or is it more just for muscle building? Or would you recommend a combination of workouts using a machine like this and free weight/body weight exercises? Sorry that’s a lot of questions!

    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      Hey Nathan,

      The machine works for both, building muscle and strength for sports. But it depends on what sport you are training for. This machine is great for soccer players since you can perform squats with it and really strengthen your legs.

      And about the body weight training or free weight… You can get strong doing both body weight and free weight exercises. As long as you are progressing on your exercises you are going to get stronger and build more muscle. But in my opinion, I prefer free weights because I find it easier to progress with it. Although you can combine both if you’d like to.

  5. Jeff

    It looks like a nice, solid rack. To be clear, the rack is what you get. No bars or weights. Correct?

    Does the rack come with a wall chart with pictures demonstrating different routines? Such as 1) Chest/arms 2) biceps/back 3) Legs

    Can you work on abs with this rack?

    Does the rack come with a guarantee?

    How small of a room could I set up this rack.

    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      Hey Jeff,

      Yes, you can do ab workouts with this rack. I’m not sure about the routines you talked about though, but if you are looking for a good workout program + nutrition plan feel free to check out my #1 recommended program on the menu above. No, the rack does not come with barbell or weights. And, yes, the rack comes with a guarantee.

      Hope this awnsers your questions.

  6. Roopesh

    Hi Antonio
    Thanks for this review.
    I am really wanting to get myself into great shape. More particularly a lean shape is what I prefer.

    Two questions, firstly can this power rack help me to attain that goal? I do not want a bulky figure. And secondly, do I need to do cardio exercises as well along with using this equipment?

    Thanks, look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      Hey Roopesh,

      Gym equipment will not make you look bulky, stronger, or thinner. The gym does not train you, you train yourself, is you who makes the difference. This equipment will make it a lot easier though. My #1 recommended program is what will transform your body (if followed consistently), and most of the workouts from the program can be performed with the Valor Athletics BD-7 Power Rack Lat Pull.

      And no, as long as you are hitting your calories and macros correctly you would not need any cardio. Walk like 20 to 30 minutes and you will be fine if you really want to do some cardio. For more information about calories and macros, check out my post about calories here, and macros here.

  7. Krissy

    Hi Antonio! I left a comment for you on your website! VERY cool website! I am a big fitness fanatic! I’m more of a cardio lady though so not much into strength training but I could start small… How on earth can they get a six pack? I know some women can have them but does it have to be just by strength training? I know everyone is different though.. I’ll be back to visit! Keep up the great work!
    Kind Regards

    1. Antonio Alessandro Bianculli

      Hey Krissy,

      Most get it by eating in a caloric deficit to drop fat and doing strength exercises, including ab workouts.

  8. Matt's Mom

    Great article as usual Antonio. I have a teenage son who is wanting to go to the gym to build muscle for track and field events. He is working with a trainer who has developed a nutrition and work out plan for him. Without that, he would be doing what you listed above…random workouts with random weights and no results. I appreciate this article…very on target and interesting!

  9. Karlo

    thank you for sharing your honest review about the Valor athletics BD-7 power rack. I have to point out, you really explain in detail everything we should know about this rack. I will definitely consider to get one because I really love to workout. Can you recommend what pre workout is the best? Thanks and keep up the good work


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