What are the Benefits of Intermittent Fasting?

Numerous of studies show that doing intermittent fasting offers very powerful health benefits. In this post I will be revealing top 12 health benefits of intermittent fasting.

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Top 12 Powerful Health Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting


  1. Growth hormones and testosterone levels (you build more muscle)
  2. Metabolic rate (you become a fat burner)
  3. Life (live longer)
  4. Energy
  5. Sleep
  6. You can eat big meals, since you saved your calories for later.


  1. Risk of cancer
  2. Risk of type 2 diabetes
  3. Food, alcohol and nicotine craving
  4. Risk of heart decease
  5. Over eating
  6. Cholesterol



Intermittent Fasting is Not for Everyone

You may want to speak with your doctor, before trying the intermittent fasting approach.

I personally love the intermittent fasting lifestyle. It makes eating very enjoyable since I’m saving my calories for later in the day. Doing this makes diet easier as well because you can still eat out with your friends on social nights while improving your health and body.

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